It’s not all palm trees and blue seas for local LGBT people.

The brochures and tourism campaigns only tell one side of the story. Can you tell heaven from hell?

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    Welcome to Barbados

    The birthplace of rum. A beautiful Caribbean destination.
 Is the government also partial to a drop of homophobic legislation?

    Your answer - Not welcome in Barbados

    Barbados has some of the most punitive anti-gay laws in the Western Hemisphere and refuses to repeal them perpetuating an environment of intolerance for local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people. Happy holidays.

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    Welcome to the Bahamas

    Stretching out over 100,000 square miles, this special archipelago will take your breath away. Could it take your basic human rights, too?

    Your answer - Welcome in the Bahamas

    Compared with other destinations, the Bahamas is increasingly gay-friendly. The country used to have strict anti-homosexual laws, but you will no longer be sent to prison for who you love.

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    Welcome to Morocco

    Glorious landscapes. Fragrant souks. Morocco is a blast to the senses. Are local spices also used to disguise the bitter taste of endless injustice for the nation’s LGBT people?

    Your answer - Not welcome in Morocco

    Morocco is a nightmare for local LGBT people. In June this year, two men were sentenced to four months each in jail after they were arrested for standing too close to one another as they posed for a photograph.

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    Welcome to The Gambia

    They say The Gambia has its own unique magic; a quiet alchemy of light and beauty, incarnated in the golden sands of its beaches. Does it also have its own uniquely barbaric anti-gay legislation?

    Your answer - Not welcome in The Gambia

    LGBT people have been told to leave The Gambia, a country with a hard-line, anti-gay government. Many of those arrested tell of brutal treatment while in prison at the hands of the notorious torture team known as ’The Junglers’. Wish you were here?

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    Welcome to Malaysia

    From the cloud-bursting skyscrapers to its lush, verdant highlands, Malaysia’s scenery never fails to impress. Is its approach to dealing with the rights of local LGBT people equally impressive?

    Your answer - Not welcome in Malaysia

    In Malaysia, transgender women can be convicted for expressing their true gender identities for the crime of ‘posing as women’, while ‘unnatural offences’ can result in up to 20 years imprisonment or whipping. Facts they forgot to mention in the region’s ‘2015 Year of Festivals’ tourism campaign.

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    Welcome to Vietnam

    Sugar-white beaches? Check. Plunging valleys, tiers of rice paddies and soaring limestone mountains? Check. Punishment for local citizens who fall for the ‘wrong’ person?

    Your answer - Welcome in Vietnam

    You won’t go to prison for who you love in Vietnam. There’s still a long way to go before LGBT people have equal rights with the rest of the population, but things are getting better.

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    Welcome to the Maldives

    Luxurious water bungalows. Snorkelling under the stars. The ultimate honeymoon destination. But is it All Inclusive or Almost All Inclusive? A place of violent discrimination?

    Your answer - Not welcome in the Maldives

    In the Maldives, there is a cocktail of punishments for same sex love, including whipping, house arrest or six years in jail.

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    Welcome to Uganda

    Some say Uganda is an underrated safari destination with a diverse array of wildlife. Others say it’s a hotbed of homophobic violence and anti-gay laws.

    Your answer - Not welcome in Uganda

    The Ugandan government criminalises local LGBT people. Individuals are often outed in homophobic media, which puts them at risk of arrest and facing severe punishments including life imprisonment.

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    Welcome to Mexico

    While you’re chilling with a Margarita and getting some well-earned rest, is someone getting arrested for who they love?

    Your answer - Welcome in Mexico

    LGBT people aren’t criminalised in Mexico, which means locals nationwide can love whoever they want without fear of imprisonment.

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    Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago

    One nation. Two stunning islands. United by carnival, calypso and a culture of hatred towards the local LGBT community. True or false?

    Your answer - Not welcome in Trinidad & Tobago

    It’s true. Trinidad and Tobago persecutes LGBT people with an array of bitter legislation. Individuals are forced to live under the threat of being sent to prison for up to 25 years, suppressing and stigmatizing them. But you can help change things.

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75+ countries criminalise LGBT people,
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Over half of these countries are in the Commonwealth.
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